Welcome to Providence St. Joseph Hospital Orange

Thank you for your interest in joining our Providence St. Joseph Volunteer team! Applications for the adult volunteer program will be open 1st-7th of every month.


Volunteer positions will not give you any type of medical, clinical or “hands on” experience. No "shadowing" is permitted as a volunteer. Additionally, volunteering does not come with a promise or advantage in getting any type of employment at Providence St. Joseph Hospital or its affiliated ministries.


  For your safety and the safety of those around you, Providence suggests that all volunteers must have the initial two COVID-19 vaccinations (Moderna/Pfizer) or one (J&J) dose or the COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccine to volunteer in the hospital.If you do not have the initial series or booster, you may sign a declination.

 * Adults must be able to provide a United States Social Security Number at the time of the interview for our required background check.

 * Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

 * Must be living in Orange County.


Order of process: submit application, attend volunteer interview, attend orientation

The (In-Person) Mandatory Volunteer Orientations for 2024 New Volunteers in the onboarding process, will strictly be held on:

*June 11th, 2024 Morning Orientation (9AM-11:30AM)

*July 9th, 2024 Morning Orientation (9AM-11:30AM)

*August 13th, 2024 Morning Orientation (9AM-11:30AM)

The next Volunteer Interview Dates

*July 16th, 2024 Morning Interview – (10AM-11:30AM) Afternoon Interview – (2PM-3:30PM)

*July 18th, 2024 Morning Interview – (10AM - 11:30AM)


**We require all Junior Volunteer applicants to submit 2 letters of recommendation at the time of submitting an application.**

Order of process: submit application AND email your letters of recommendation to @Nicole.ball@stjoe.org, attend volunteer interview/ orientation

Thank you for your interest in our Junior Volunteer Program. Our Junior Volunteer Program is currently CLOSED.

Round 1- Opens 3/25/24 and will close 4/7/24. Round 2 will open on 6/24/24 and will be scheduled to close 7/7/24. Due to limited positions, this will be a first come first served basis. Interviews and orientations will be held twice per round.  

The (virtual) Mandatory Junior Volunteer Interview for 2024 New Volunteers in the onboarding process, will strictly be held on:

*July 17th, 2024 – (4PM-5PM)

*July 31st, 2024 – (4PM-5PM)

Please direct any further general questions about our program to Nicole.ball@stjoe.org or call (714) 771- 8000 ext. 17156.

Thank you for choosing Providence St. Joseph Hospital Orange.

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